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Mold Inspection in Monterey Bay

  • Date: 08-2015

Mold Inspection in Monterey Bay

Nobody wants to deal with the problems, risks, and hazards that come with discovering mold in the house, but you don’t have to determine how to handle the situation alone! With Green Home Solutions of Monterey on your side, you get the highly effective and full-service support that you need to handle even the most extensive mold problem, starting with a comprehensive Monterey Bay mold inspection.

Monterey Bay Mold Inspection

Water infiltration, improper drainage, and poor sealing of basement walls and crawl spaces can all lead to moisture within a home, which often results in mold growth. By working directly with our friendly, experienced technicians for your mold inspection, you can feel confident knowing that we will go through all of these problem areas to find the source of the mold and to provide you with a detailed plan to remediate the situation quickly and affordably.

As a full-service Monterey Bay mold inspection and testing company, we offer solutions that include:

  • Full-Service Treatments: If your mold inspection uncovers a problem, we can provide complete remediation that treats all affected areas by targeting mold at the source.
  • Expert Technicians: Every technician on our team is highly experienced, trained, and skilled in providing mold elimination and inspection services throughout the area.
  • Effective Mold Products: Our plant based, effective mold removal products are applied in an ultra-fine spray mist that provides long-term results and guaranteed success.

Get Started Today by Learning More About Our Monterey Bay Mold Inspection Services

The only way to eliminate a mold problem is to confront it head-on with professional remediation and support, and the Monterey Bay mold inspection services from Green Home Solutions of Monterey do exactly that. Get started by speaking to one of our expert team members today by giving us a call, or request a free home mold audit and inspection now by filling out our brief, online form!