Wildfire Smoke Damage Restoration

Wildfires are a fact of life in California. When these unfortunate events occur, the impact to people’s lives and property can be devastating and the road to recovery daunting. Fortunately, Green Home Solutions is here to help. Our indoor air quality experts go the extra mile in helping to restore your home to its pre-damaged condition so you can move back in quickly and with confidence.       

While your home may not have experienced any structural damage, wildfires cause other issues from infiltration of combustion by-products — mainly char and ash. This burning of organic materials serves as the source of lingering smoke odors. If not removed promptly or properly these particles can also cause long-term damage to the contents and structure of your home. 

Green Home Solutions specializes in the removal of combustion by-products and smoke odors from structures that do not suffer direct damage from the fire. We can assist in helping to determine the extent of damage to your home by providing pre-testing services in conjunction with a leading independent third-party laboratory.  

Whether you are working through an insurance company or not, Green Home Solutions will help you breathe easy!