Two professional Experts For Mold Removal in Salinas 

Your Experts For Mold Removal in Salinas

  • Date: 04-2021

Mold removal doesn’t have to be costly, time intensive, or complicated. At Green Home Solutions, we administer expert remediation for properties throughout Salinas and the area. We get to the heart of what’s causing mold. Our representatives understand how mold spreads and how it behaves, meaning we can clean up mold while offering long-term prevention, too. The result is affordable, fast-acting treatments that last. 

We use a multi-pronged approach to addressing indoor mold growth. Treating mold means identifying and treating moisture sources as well. Your Green Home Solutions representative can work closely with you, advising you on what to expect throughout remediation. We also offer proactive recommendations for moisture management, so mold can’t return easily after treatment. We help you get impactful results with any remediation. 

About Our Mold Removal in Salinas 

Any remediation from Green Home Solutions involves a comprehensive indoor inspection to begin with. For homes and offices in Salinas, we investigate mold sources and look for any hidden areas of growth. It means you’ll always know how extensive mold issues are in your home prior to mold removal, and it means we can always be incredibly precise when we begin any treatment, using the following methods: 

Robust containment. Right away, we can isolate areas that feature mold growth. Our representatives have a wide range of high-efficiency equipment and containment methods at our disposal, effectively curbing further growth. 

Detailed remediation. We use inspection data to formulate remediation protocols customized to your home. These expert protocols always adhere to guidelines from the EPA, ANSI/IICRC, and other relevant agencies. 

Powerful treatment products. With Green Home Solutions, treatment is dependent on our EPA-certified products, which powerfully break down mold at the molecular level. These sprays are eco-friendly and health-friendly, too. 

We always recommend an inspection before and after remediation occurs. We can compare these inspection results after remediation, for clear and conclusive proof that mold has been addressed. In doing so, we can help you gain peace of mind, knowing your treatment was a success. 

Schedule Fast-Acting Remediation With Green Home Solutions 

If you need to schedule mold removal for your home or office, Green Home Solutions is here. We provide fast-acting treatments in: 

  • Salinas
  • Pacific Grove
  • Monterey
  • Santa Cruz 
  • Carmel
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Dealing with mold doesn’t have to be stressful if you have expert assistance. At Green Home Solutions, we’re committed to restoring a healthy, mold-free environment for your home. 

Need mold removal in Salinas? Ask about our free indoor air quality consultations—just call Green Home Solutions at (831) 275-7585 for more info.