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Burlington Mold Inspection

  • Date: 08-2015

The only way to know if your home is harboring mold is to schedule a professional mold inspection. That’s because mold could be hiding behind your walls, greatly affecting the air quality in your home and your family’s health, even though everything appears just fine on the outside. You may even become nose-blind to musty odors, which is the telltale sign of mold and mildew.

Fortunately, getting an affordable Burlington mold inspection is as easy as hiring the experts at Green Home Solutions. If we determine that there’s a problem in your home, we’ll provide you with a custom estimate and schedule a treatment date.

There are a number of reasons why you should choose us over the other guys:

  • Our organic mold removal products contain absolutely no harsh chemicals.
  • They are completely safe for pets and children.
  • They are registered with the EPA.
  • Because we use an effective fine-spray mist, there’s no need for costly demolition.

Not only are our organic mold removal products safe and affordable, they’re extremely effective as well. We cover the treatment area with a limited 2-year warranty from the date of treatment!

Burlington Mold Inspection

After a mold inspection, we can provide you with a lot more than just mold remediation services!

Unfortunately, the mold residue that is left behind can sometimes make homes smell bad, even after the problem has technically been eliminated. If you notice that your house is still smelling a little musty, allow us to provide you with odor removal services.

Not only can mold smell bad, it can look bad! Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a remodel, allow us to clean the mess. In many cases, we can eliminate the appearance of mold altogether.

Mold doesn’t have to affect you and your family any longer. Contact us today by filling out our online form and we’ll schedule an in-home Burlington mold inspection at your earliest convenience!