Mold Removal Service

Choosing Mold Removal in Burlington

  • Date: 12-2020

At Green Home Solutions, we can deliver powerful mold removal in a matter of days. For homes, offices, and most other types of buildings in Burlington, our experts can investigate, treat, and prevent indoor mold growth.

We never stop at treating mold on the surface. Instead, we take a comprehensive approach to remediation, treating all mold we discover, for effective and reliable results. 

We remove many of the stress points that come with mold issues. Best of all, we deliver treatment at a fraction of the time and cost involved in conventional remediation. Our team achieves this with precise mold abatement strategies calibrated to your affected indoor areas. This strategic approach means we can minimize the necessity for demolition or teardown, while delivering rapid-response, high-powered treatments every time. 

About Our Detailed Mold Removal in Burlington

Mold can be a serious health concern, and you can always expect Green Home Solutions to make your health a top priority. Throughout every stage of mold removal, we minimize the impacts of mold as much as possible, while providing family-friendly remediation with no harsh chemicals. 

For homes in Burlington, your Green Home Solutions representative will inspect in detail for mold. We accomplish a rigorous inspection using infrared equipment and other investigation methods, searching for mold growth as well as moisture sources. Effective remediation always incorporates moisture control. Without it, mold can easily crop up again. Our experts seek out water intrusion or other moisture buildup inside your space. 

Inspection results form the basis of any treatment we implement. We draw on inspection reports to build specific remediation strategies, so we can be fast and incredibly thorough when treating mold. We rely on extensive equipment to isolate any mold-affected spaces, so mold can’t easily push further inside your home. With rapid-response tactics for treatments and robust equipment, we can complete remediation in no time. 

Expert Mold Control Throughout the Burlington Region 

With Green Home Solutions, you can access mold removal services no matter where you’re based: 

  • Burlington
  • Stowe
  • Montpelier
  • Shelburne
  • Barre
  • And throughout the surrounding area

In addition to treating houses and apartment buildings, our experts provide mold control and fast-acting remediation to commercial and industrial buildings in the area. We make sure you’re getting rigorous, lasting treatments from Green Home Solutions.  

If you’re worried about mold, contact Green Home Solutions in Burlington today. Call (888) 506-9819 to schedule mold removal or an indoor air quality consultation for your home.