Mold Inspection in Shelburne

specialist providing Mold Inspection in Shelburne

Dealing with mold can be a daunting ordeal. Professional mold inspection and treatment from experts can make all the difference. At Green Home Solutions, we tackle mold and moisture issues for homeowners throughout Shelburne. We make sure you know what’s causing mold and what we’re doing to stop it. 

Mold is an indoor environment that has too much moisture. Usually, this moisture is caused by a leak, flooding, or another moisture event. Treating mold and treating moisture go hand-in-hand. But what should you do first? Let’s take a look. 

How We Assist With Moisture and Mold Control 

When mold has started growing in your home, you’ll always want to begin with moisture control. Your Green Home Solutions team can assist with this. We’re always able to help because we start with a mold inspection.

For homes and buildings in Shelburne, testing and inspection offers enormously useful data before, during, and after treatment. Here’s how we help you address both moisture and mold problems:  

  • We assess the source of moisture. During the mold inspection and testing process, we search for and date water intrusion in the area, to find what’s causing mold. This may include moisture events that were previously undetected. 
  • We offer next steps for moisture control. Once we’ve assessed existing moisture problems, we can offer next steps. Your Green Home Solutions team can assist with recommendations for treating and removing water intrusion. 
  • We contain mold as it’s drying out. When mold’s water source is cut off, it starts to dry out. At this stage, it’s at greater risk of spread. We can implement protocols for isolation and containment, reducing this risk. 
  • We treat and remove mold. After moisture control has occurred, we can move in for remediation. Your Green Home Solutions experts will devise expert treatment methods based on the results of inspection, for faster, more impactful results.

Get Started With Your Mold Inspection in Shelburne 

Mold inspection from Green Home Solutions can be a multi-step process. From a comprehensive visual scan for mold/moisture to rigorous lab testing, we’ll take every step needed to fully investigate the issue. Homeowners and property managers alike can schedule inspections in:  

  • Shelburne
  • Stowe
  • Burlington
  • Barre
  • Montpelier
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Testing is just the start with Green Home Solutions. We can test and treat buildings within days, leaving you with a healthy indoors, free of mold. 

Your experts at Green Home Solutions are here to help. To find out more about scheduling your mold inspection in Shelburne, call (888) 506-9819