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Mold Removal Services For Burlington: What You Should Know

  • Date: 07-2019

If you’re dealing with mold in your home or property, you don’t have to do it alone. Professional mold removal services in Burlington can make an enormous impact on the cost and impact of treating mold. At Green Home Solutions, our mold remediation services can quickly and effectively deal with your mold issues. 

We always want homeowners and property managers to have all the information you need to make decisions about mold with confidence. Here are two questions we get about our mold removal services in Stowe, Barre, Shelburne, Montpelier, and Burlington. 

Why and When Does Mold Appear in Burlington? 

Mold is a naturally occurring fungus which appears to break down organic matter in the wild. In our homes, it’s a hazard which can deteriorate surfaces in your home, affect the structural integrity of your property, and contribute to health-related concerns. 

green home solutions staff doing mold removal services in Burlington

Mold occurs when moisture starts to accumulate indoors. Within 24 to 48 hours of a moisture event, mold will start to grow. Because individual mold spores are microscopic, growth isn’t visible to the human eye until mold is flourishing. This type of visible growth is called a mold colony.

If you see mold growth, it’s important to get mold removal services in Burlington to assess the seriousness of the problem. Often, the visible growth you notice is only part of the larger problem, and professional services can help you understand how to proceed next.  

Why Use Mold Removal Services in Burlington Instead of DIY Treatments?

Many homeowners shy away from using mold removal services first, opting to try DIY treatments in Burlington first. But mold services can save you plenty of cost, stress, and time in the long-term. Most DIY treatments only remove the appearance of mold from your surfaces, without addressing mold spores in your air or hidden mold growth. It means that mold can continue to cause damage in your home and impact your health. 

In order to remove mold effectively with long-lasting results, an extensive and thorough approach is required. We utilize comprehensive testing in order to map out any mold and moisture in your home, relying on a third-party lab to verify results if needed. This allows us to carefully address any and all growth, as well as the factors which have contributed to mold.  

Get affordable mold removal services in Burlington that provide long-lasting results. Schedule your initial consultation with Green Home Solutions by calling (888) 506-9819.