professional holding clipboard and performing mold inspection in Charleston

4 Benefits of Mold Inspection in Charleston

  • Date: 09-2021

No one wants to hear that their home has mold. But if you’re dealing with mold, it’s better to be proactive as soon as possible. One of the earliest steps you’ll want to take is a comprehensive mold inspection from experts in mold treatment. At Green Home Solutions, we help homeowners in Charleston take control of any ongoing mold problems. 

Why do we always recommend an inspection to start? Let’s review a few crucial benefits. 

Why Should You Start with a Mold Inspection in Charleston? 

When it comes to mold and moisture problems, precision, speed, and care is necessary for long-lasting, impactful results. That’s why Green Home Solutions always begins with a detailed inspection for homes in the area. As a homeowner, an inspection can help clarify the extent of the problem as well as any next steps needed.

Here’s four benefits of the testing process: 

  • You get clear proof of mold. Mold can’t always be discovered by its smell or by visible growth. Some mold species don’t emit a strong odor, while others may live within the air or below surfaces. Inspection can give you definitive proof one way or another. 
  • You find out how far mold has spread. Even if you know mold is present in your home, you probably don’t know how far it’s spread. Because mold can infiltrate porous surfaces, spread into adjacent living areas, or thrive in the air, proper technology is needed to map out the scope. 
  • You learn why mold has appeared. Mold doesn’t appear for no reason. If you have mold, it’s likely you have a moisture problem contributing to it. This can include undetected leaks, water intrusion, moisture buildup, or poor ventilation. We help find these. 
  • You find out what to do next. After any mold inspection in Charleston, we help you take immediate next steps to proactively address mold. We offer recommendations for long-term mold and moisture control, and provide an estimate for affordable, fast remediation. 

Your Experts in Mold Control and Prevention 

With Green Home Solutions, mold inspection and remediation can take place within days. We investigate, find, isolate, and treat mold while helping to prevent similar issues from recurring in the future. We always offer affordable, proactive remediation for homes in: 

  • Charleston
  • Clarksburg
  • Morgantown
  • Bridgeport
  • Lewisburg
  • And throughout the surrounding areas

Got mold? Take action with an expert mold inspection in Charleston. If you have any questions, call Green Home Solutions today at (304) 370-4660.