Indoor Air Quality Services in Charleston: How Can You Improve Air Quality?

Indoor Air Quality Services in Charleston

Many common household activities can contribute to high pollution levels within your home. These include cooking, cleaning, bathing, and more. With our indoor air quality services in the Charleston area, Green Home Solutions helps homeowners overcome these issues and restore their air quality. 

Indoor air quality problems stem from a concentration of pollutants within the closed space of your home, including dust, bacteria, mold, and others. As part of our effort to help you breathe cleaner air, we would like to recommend some tips for preventing air quality issues on your own. Here are our suggestions for how to be proactive about air quality issues. 

3 Core Strategies for Improving Your Home’s Air

Pollution inside your home is a serious issue. However, the better you educate yourself on the topic, the easier it will be to minimize these issues. Here are three crucial actions you can take to fight these issues:

  • Control pollutants at the source. There are so many simple daily activities that generate a lot of pollution in a short timeframe. Our advice is to be strategic. Use exhaust vents when using the stove or the shower. If you have hobbies such as woodworking, consider moving them outdoors.
  • Introduce outside ventilation. For clean air indoors, you need to make sure you are pulling fresh air from outside sources. Opening windows can often go a long way. Increasing ventilation will result in diluted emissions from cooking and other polluting home activities. The one caveat with this tip is to beware of poor outdoor air conditions and adjust accordingly. 
  • Use air cleaners. While household purifiers should never be relied upon as your only means of air quality control, they can certainly help. However, some are better than others, so you will certainly benefit from allowing us to help you in your choice.  

Choosing Indoor Air Quality Services in Charleston

At Green Home Solutions, we provide fast, effective, and affordable service to reduce air quality issues inside your home. We offer expert testing to uncover the full extent of your issues, along with remediation services designed to target the root cause of mold and other issues. We provide our expert support for properties throughout Charleston, Morgantown, Bridgeport, Clarksburg, Lewisburg, and the surrounding areas.

To learn more about our indoor air quality services in Charleston, call us today at (304) 370-4660.