Poor Indoor Air Quality in Charleston: What Causes It?

The air in your home or business is likely more polluted than you realize. In fact, indoor spaces are often 5 times more polluted than outdoor air. To help you understand the causes of poor indoor air quality in the Charleston area, we would like to share some important facts. 

The Two Factors Causing Poor Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is an essential element of a healthy life that is often overlooked. The air inside our homes has a direct impact on our comfort, health, and peace of mind. Due to the way most homes are tightly sealed and protected from the outdoors, they often become full of stagnant air. This can allow pollutants to accumulate and cause some harmful breathing conditions. Here are the two key aspects of indoor air pollution:

  • Pollutants. These exist as gasses, fine particulate matter, or smoke. Pollutants come from basic household tasks such as cooking, showering, and cleaning.   
  • Airflow. Without proper airflow inside your home, pollutants will continue to accumulate. You need to have a regular flow of outdoor air, but it should be filtered for temperature and humidity.  

With improper airflow and the accumulation of indoor pollutants, your indoor air quality is always at risk. Fortunately, with expert service from Green Home Solutions, you can quickly identify these issues and take effective action to restore healthy breathing conditions. 

How Green Home Solutions in Charleston can Help

At Green Home Solutions, we provide a wide range of indoor air quality services throughout Charleston, Morgantown, Bridgeport, Clarksburg, Lewisburg, and the surrounding areas. Here are some ways we help local homeowners:

Indoor air quality in Charleston.
  • Air quality testing. We provide detailed testing using advanced equipment to help you fully understand any air quality issues inside your home.
  • Control of mold, odors, and moisture. Our expert treatments to remediate mold and control odors will remove harmful pollutants from your indoor air and restore the ecology of your living space. 
  • Improved indoor ventilation. We can reduce contaminated air and help infuse your home with clean air that is humidity and temperature controlled. 

To take proactive steps to preserve the indoor air quality of your Charleston home, call Green Home Solutions today at (304) 370-4660.