Mold Removal Services provided by Green Home Solutions of Greater Morris County

About Our Mold Remediation in Roxbury Township

  • Date: 05-2020

Need mold remediation in Roxbury Township, NJ? Get the expert assistance from our team at Green Home Solutions. We deliver affordable, eco-friendly remediation services that are fast-acting and long-lasting. Our representatives take any guesswork out of effective mold abatement, instead using precise strategies and data-backed methods to get to the root of any mold problems in your home. 

Dealing with mold isn’t an easy task for most homeowners. That’s because mold can easily slip beneath surfaces and subsurfaces of your home, making it difficult to detect mold without the right equipment or technology. Just as important, mold can get into the air, at which point cross-contamination can occur in nearby living areas.

Getting professional intervention is crucial to determining the extent of mold spread, and the extent of remediation necessary to treat it properly. Green Home Solutions can provide all of that and more. We prioritize containment, treatment, and prevention, delivering powerful impact that you can trust to last.  

An Expert Approach to Mold Remediation in Roxbury Township 

Before we begin any mold remediation for your home, your Green Home Solutions representative will conduct a detailed investigation of mold’s presence. We work with a variety of testing methods depending on what’s necessary, from infrared scanning equipment to microbial laboratory analysis. 

Family friendly mold remediation in Roxbury Township

We work quickly to map out a remediation plan that’s calibrated to your home. Wherever possible, we try to preserve any affected material surfaces and minimize the need for demolition. We’re instead able to use deliberate strategies and robust equipment to treat mold in hard-to-reach places. It means that we can keep your costs down as much as possible while making sure we’ve thoroughly dealt with mold. 

Planet-Friendly Treatments from Green Home Solutions 

The products and treatments we use are completely planet-friendly. We never work with mold remediation sprays that contain harsh, hazardous, or high-toxicity ingredients. Instead, we exclusively rely on our own, EPA-certified sprays for all mold abatement for local homes, including those in:

Our proprietary treatment sprays pack a powerful punch when it comes to mold, without compromising the air inside your home. In fact, they break down mold spores and other harmful microbes in the air you breathe for cleaner, healthier indoor air quality. 

Contact your Green Home Solutions representative in Roxbury Township to find out more. Call us today at (973) 668-4350 for mold remediation services that work.