Indoor Air Quality Testing in Morristown: How Air Quality Affects Your Health

When it comes to your home, indoor air quality may not be the most pressing issue on your mind. But the air you breathe has a dramatic effect on the way you live, think, and function. At Green Home Solutions, we offer indoor air quality testing and proactive treatments for Morristown area homeowners. We know how important it is to get to the heart of air quality issues like mold and moisture.

Let’s take a closer look at how indoor air quality and health are deeply linked. 

The Health Effects of Poor Air Quality: A Quick Primer

Most people spend up to 90% of their time inside—and a lot of that time is at home. That’s why it’s so important to deal with indoor air quality issues as they crop up. Here’s what you should know: 

  • The effects will always vary. Indoor air pollution can affect cognitive health, physical health, and can even contribute to long-term issues. But the effects will vary hugely depending on a range of factors. The type of pollutants in your air, how concentrated they are, and your home’s airflow can play a role—and so can your health, age, and medical history. 
  • Younger and older family members are more at risk. When it comes to indoor air quality issues, elderly family and kids are almost always at a higher risk. In particular, kids are often more active, they breathe in more air, and they’re still growing. Poor air quality can affect lung development, impair cognitive development, and give rise to issues like asthma.
  • Air quality problems can be easy to miss. Some air quality problems can be spotted right away. Maybe the air in the attic is stuffy, or there’s a lingering odor that needs to be treated. But countless other issues can be more subtle. Because air quality problems are microscopic, indoor air quality testing is often needed for verifiable information. 
  • Being proactive makes a difference. The good news is, being proactive is a great defense for homeowners in Morristown. Understanding what’s in your air is the first step. From there, your Green Home Solutions team can also offer expert recommendations and treatment suggestions to restore your dry, ventilated, and healthy indoors. 

Get Started with Indoor Air Quality Testing in Morristown

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