Mold Removal in Roxbury Township: 4 Common Treatment Mistakes

When it comes to mold, a DIY approach is never a good idea. As one of the most highly rated mold removal companies in Roxbury Township, we’ve seen what happens when homeowners try to fight mold on their own. That’s why we strongly recommend contacting our team as soon as you discover signs of mold in your home.

Mold Removal Service

4 Easy-to-Make Mold Removal Mistakes

Mold is notoriously stubborn. When homeowners in the Roxbury Township area try to treat mold by themselves, they often think they’ve solved the problem. But within a few days or weeks, the mold comes back with a vengeance.

With a mold removal service like Green Home Solutions, you’ll be able to neutralize mold and prevent future growth. If you treat mold on your own, it’s easy to make one of the 4 common mistakes we’ve listed below.

  • Missing Subsurface Mold. On porous materials like wood and drywall, mold can grow inside the materials as well as on the surface. You can remove the surface mold, but if you don’t kill the subsurface growth, the infestation will keep spreading.
  • Using the Wrong Products. Bleach is one of the most commonly misused products for mold infestations. While bleach can kill surface mold, it has no way of neutralizing subsurface mold colonies. The same is true of other household products.
  • Spreading Mold Spores. When treating mold, you need to be careful to contain airborne mold spores. Otherwise, these spores can spread mold to new areas in your home. They can also aggravate health problems caused by mold.
  • Ignoring Moisture Problems. Mold is a sign of underlying moisture problems. Many homeowners will only focus on the mold, without fixing the moisture issue. Even if you remove the original growth, moisture will allow new mold to grow.

Get Started with Mold Remediation in Roxbury Township

With Green Home Solutions, there’s no need to treat mold yourself. We offer a quick, convenient, and affordable way to neutralize mold in your home, with minimal disruption to you and your family. We also use a plant-based product that’s popular with local families, including households with children and pets.

Unlike bleach and other household products, our mold removal services in Roxbury Township will get rid of surface mold and neutralize subsurface mold colonies. We use special containment measures to stop mold spores from spreading, including negative air pressure generators and HEPA-filter air scrubbers. We also help you detect the underlying cause of mold, using UV technology to locate moisture problems.

Green Home Solutions offers mold remediation in:

  • Roxbury Township
  • Parsippany
  • Morristown
  • Sparta
  • Denville
  • Livingston
  • Randolph
  • Surrounding areas

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