Mold Removal Services provided by Green Home Solutions of Greater Morris County

Morris County Mold and Odor Removal

  • Date: 08-2015

If a clean home and a healthy family are priorities in your life, contact Green Home Solutions! At GHS, our passion is keeping homes clean and pleasant smelling while also promoting higher indoor air quality. To accomplish our goals, we offer a comprehensive range of Morristown mold and odor removal services including mold testing, air quality testing and mold remediation and removal. Our expertly trained professionals, affordable solutions and organic mold and odor removal products make us the leaders in Morristown mold and odor removal.

Morris County Mold and Odor Removal

Mold and unpleasant odors can affect even the cleanest of homes because wherever moisture accumulates, there is a potential for mold growth and musty smells. When you select GHS as your mold and odor removal experts, you receive a complimentary Healthy Home Audit. During this Morristown mold inspection, one of our highly trained service technicians will visit your home to test for mold, complete air quality testing and collect samples of mold. Your entire Healthy Home Audit should take around 20 minutes, and within 36 hours we will provide you with a report of our findings and an estimate of cost for removal based on the size and scope of your problem.

You don’t have to worry about vacating your house for a lengthy period of time for mold treatment; our organic mold and odor removal products are free from all synthetic chemicals and safe for every member of your family, including your children and pets. Our eco-friendly and EPA registered mold killing product uses enzymatic power to gently, safely and quickly kill mold and eliminate bad odors. To ensure we have completely eradicated your problem, our service technicians will return to your home for a post-treatment air quality test.

Don’t wait for mold to become a major health threat – call Green Home Solutions at the first signs – and smell – of mold! Contact us today for more information on keeping your home clean, healthy and smelling great. Call to speak with a helpful representative or complete our convenient online form to start your mold removal process.