professional performing attic mold removal in Mount Airy

Attic Mold Removal in Mount Airy: Why Do You Need It? 

  • Date: 09-2021

Do you need professional attic mold removal? For most homeowners in Mount Airy, it may be very tempting to shut your attic door and ignore any active mold problems. After all, most people don’t spend much time there, so why does it matter?  

Of course, it’s not actually that simple. Mold doesn’t just present problems with your indoor air quality or for your health. It can also compromise the safety and integrity of your home. Here are three reasons why you need to consider treating any mold in your attic. 

3 Reasons For Professional Attic Mold Removal in Mount Airy 

At Green Home Solutions, our experts have dealt with attic mold in homes throughout our region. We understand the unique dangers presented by mold in this area of the home. Let’s take a look at three big reasons to address any active mold problems in a part of the home that you don’t spend much (if any) time in: 

  1. It can affect your roof. Because the attic is directly below the roof, it’s possible that mold in the attic may spread to the roof. It’s even more likely if water intrusion from the roof is contributing to mold problems. Roof components that are rotting, leaking, or mold-affected can present a wide variety of additional risks, making it crucial to treat attic mold as soon as it’s detected. 
  2. It can deteriorate other structural elements. Many attics feature rafters, joists, and other structural features of the home. These components are designed to carry and distribute the weight of the home. The last thing you want is mold weakening or eroding these valuable structural elements.  
  3. Underlying problems can spread. When mold occurs in a home, it’s a symptom of leaks or other moisture events. For homeowners in Mount Airy, ignoring mold and mold’s causes means a leak can go undetected, creating the potential for it to spread into lower areas of the home. We recommend a detailed inspection, followed by moisture control.

Get Expert Remediation from Green Home Solutions

When you’re dealing with mold in the attic, we strongly recommend professional attic mold removal services. It’s not just that professional treatment can be more thorough, relying on expert plant-based treatment and containment methods. Attic mold may also result in loose flooring, pests, and other concerns, which is why care and expertise is crucial. 

Green Home Solutions is proud to offer treatments in: 

  • Mount Airy
  • Columbia
  • Frederick County
  • Frederick
  • Howard County
  • Carroll County
  • And throughout the surrounding area

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