Indoor Air Quality Testing in Frederick: Improving Indoor Air When You Have Pets

Green Home Solutions providing indoor air quality testing in Frederick.

Pets bring joy and comfort into our lives, but their presence has a downside. As a result of their fur and dander, household pets can contribute to indoor air pollution. Those tiny particles make their way into our lungs, which can be terrible for our health. With indoor air quality testing for your home in Frederick, Green Home Solutions can help you diagnose and remediate this problem. 

While this issue can cause some serious indoor air pollution, there are some ways you can mitigate the situation and live a comfortable life with your pets. Let’s review three key strategies. 

3 Tips for Cleaner Indoor Air with Pets 

Following our recommendations can minimize the odor and air pollution issues your pets create. We also want to emphasize that we do not recommend using aerosolized products or cleaning chemicals. While these products can cover the issue temporarily, they also contribute to air pollution inside your home. 

Instead, we suggest following these three tactics:

  1. Grooming on a schedule. Your pets will shed less if you bathe and brush them on a regular basis. Weekly baths can lead to an 80% decrease in the amount of allergens produced! For bathing tips or how often to bathe your specific breed, consult your vet. 
  2. Keeping your home clean. It can be shocking how quickly pet fur and dander add up around the home. We recommend regular vacuuming sessions using a HEPA filter to catch those tiny particles. You should also wash your bedsheets frequently. 
  3. Using an air purifier. You can purchase an air purifier that is designed to filter out pet fur and dander. Make sure the product you buy is equipped with HEPA filtration and an activated carbon filter. Avoid using ionic or ionizing air purifiers, as these can contribute to indoor air quality issues.

Indoor Air Quality Testing and Treatment in Frederick

At Green Home Solutions, we offer expert support to test your indoor air pollution throughout Frederick and all of central Maryland.

Our experts are ready to help with:

  • Indoor air quality testing. We can perform comprehensive testing to help you fully understand the scope of any indoor air pollution, pet-related or otherwise. 
  • Odor removal. Rather than temporarily masking unpleasant pet odors with unsafe products, we can neutralize these issues on a molecular level. 
  • Probiotic treatment. Our unique probiotic treatment is designed to keep allergens and odors at bay.
  • Product selection. Our friendly experts can help you sift through the false marketing to find an air purifier that works for your situation.

To get started with indoor air quality testing in Frederick, call Green Home Solutions today at (443) 409-3001.