Mold Inspection in Columbia: 3 Common Causes of Attic Mold

Inspector from Green Home Solutions doing Mold Inspection in Columbia

Without a proper mold inspection, it’s far too easy for mold to thrive and keep recurring. That’s because precision, thoroughness, and the right products are crucial for effectively treating mold and preventing regrowth. At Green Home Solutions, we help homeowners in the Columbia area tackle mold issues everywhere in the house. This includes a common site of mold problems: the attic. 

Because attics are located so close to the outside, it’s especially important to keep this area of the home dry, free of moisture and humidity, and properly ventilated. But this part of the home is often overlooked, which means both mold and moisture problems are very frequent issues. Let’s take a look at why this is the case. 

Why Mold and Moisture Appear In Attics 

At Green Home Solutions, we always recommend a mold inspection if you’re concerned about mold in the attic in your home. When you go up there, is it stuffy, clammy, or hard to breathe? Do you smell mildew or a musty smell? Did you have a leak recently? All of these can point to potential mold growth. 

Here are three common reasons why both mold and moisture are so prevalent in the attic:  

  • Not enough ventilation. Older and newer homes alike may feature attics without enough ventilation. It’s a good rule to have one square foot of ventilation for every hundred square feet of space in the attic. Without enough ventilation, moisture can’t dry up and airflow is impeded, creating the perfect conditions for mold growth.
  • Water intrusion from the roof. Leaks, water intrusion, and other moisture buildup from the roof will often infiltrate the attic. Worn, shabby, or crumbling shingles on certain patches of roof can be a sign that moisture is pushing through to the space below. This type of water intrusion is both a concern to structural supports and a cause for mold, too. 
  • Improperly installed insulation. Another common reason for attic mold is insulation that is improperly installed. The wrong kind of insulation may also be a concern. Both improperly insulation or the wrong kind of insulation can cause blockages in existing vents, or they can trap moisture arising from the lower levels of your home. In either case, they can result in moisture buildup, which provides food for mold to grow.  

Get Answers With Expert Mold Inspection in Columbia 

Whenever you’re concerned about mold, mildew, or water intrusion, our certified Indoor Air Quality experts can help. We offer free, comprehensive mold inspection services for homes in:

  • Columbia
  • Carroll County
  • Frederick County
  • Howard County
  • and the surrounding areas.

Worried about mold in the attic? Get answers with a professional mold inspection from Green Home Solutions. To schedule an inspection in Columbia, call (443) 409-3001.