Mold Removal in Frederick: Will Mold Die if it Dries Out?

Two professionals for Mold Removal in Frederick: Will Mold Die if it Dries Out?

Moisture is essential for mold growth, but simply treating your moisture issues is not enough to get rid of mold. At Green Home Solutions, we offer professional mold removal for properties in Frederick and the surrounding areas. Our expert services include inspections, testing, moisture prevention and thorough mold removal. 

It is easy to assume that once mold doesn’t have the required moisture for continued growth, it simply goes away. However, the truth is that mold can exist long after the underlying moisture issues have been corrected. To provide you with the relevant facts so you can make the best decisions for your home or property, let’s take a look at what actually happens to mold once it dries out. 

Four Things to Know About Mold When it Dries Out

Treating the moisture issues that have caused mold growth in your home is a big step, but it isn’t the whole picture. Here are some crucial facts about dry mold:

  1. Dry mold isn’t dead mold. Instead of dying, mold simply becomes dormant. This state is temporary, as the mold can continue growing once again at any point, as soon as it finds a new moisture source
  2. Dry mold can become airborne. Dry mold is lighter, and more likely to become airborne. This increases the chances of reactivation, since its spores can float around and potentially land in a moist environment.
  3. Dry mold can still present health concerns. Dry mold poses serious health concerns, especially since it is more likely to be in the air. For those with respiratory issues or allergies, these issues can be very serious. 
  4. Dry mold can survive for a long time. Mold can remain dormant for years, ready to reabsorb moisture and get right back to growing. 

Get Quick and Effective Mold Removal in Frederick

While treating your moisture problems is an important step in the mold removal process, it isn’t the end. To solve this issue, you need detailed support from trusted professionals. With Green Home Solutions, our trusted service delivers the comprehensive approach needed to diagnose your mold problem, eliminate them, and prevent regrowth. We offer our services throughout Frederick, Mount Airy, Columbia, Carroll County, Frederick County, Howard County and the surrounding areas.

Our mold removal service in Frederick is fast-acting, efficient, affordable and always conducted using EPA-approved plant-based products. To secure our service for your home or business, give Green Home Solutions a call today at (443) 409-3001