Green Home Solutions of Mount Airy New Home Bliss Welcome Package

Welcome Home Program – New Home Bliss

  • Date: 03-2022

Can you imagine moving into a new community and receiving a “Welcome Home” package filled with all sorts of resources and goodies? That’s precisely what new residents of the town of Mount Airy will experience. Green Home Solutions of Mount Airy is a proud community sponsor of the town’s Welcome Home Program. We treated new residents to a hygrometer to help homeowners monitor humidity levels, which is key to preventing mold growth.

We created a fun poem to welcome them to our community as well:

Welcome to your new home

Welcome to Mount Airy

We believe the air you breathe

Shouldn’t be so scary

Use this hygrometer

To check moisture in your air

It’s a way to keep mold at bay

In case you weren’t aware

For more indoor air quality tips

That you won’t want to miss

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As you settle in New Home Bliss