Poor Indoor Air Quality in Frederick: What Causes It?

Indoor air quality in Frederick.

With air pollution coming from many factors, along with poor ventilation common in many homes, the indoor air quality of your home in Frederick is constantly at risk. Green Home Solutions offers expert services throughout the region: we help homeowners understand how this problem develops, and we get them started on the path to a solution. Rely on us for air quality testing, mold remediation services, odor removal, and much more to reduce indoor air pollution, improve ventilation, and maintain a healthy living space for your family.

The Two Factors Causing Poor Indoor Air Quality

Your home is a closed environment that shields you from outdoor air pollution, pests, and other dangers. A closed environment, however, can also result in stagnant air that is full of household contaminants. Here are the two main factors that contribute to poor indoor air quality: 

  • Pollutants. These come in many forms. When cooking, showering, or cleaning your home, contaminants in gas or particle form are released. Without proper ventilation, these can accumulate, allow mold or other allergens to grow, and, ultimately, lead to health issues, especially for those with breathing impairments.  
  • Airflow. Without proper circulation to replenish your indoor air with fresh air from outside, pollutants will continue to build up. Airflow should be properly filtered for temperature and humidity. This will thin out harmful emissions and reduce smoke and foul odors. 

How Green Home Solutions can Help Indoor Air Quality in Frederick

Without the proper airflow, the quality of air inside your home will only continue to decline. With expert help from Green Home Solutions, you can count on proven, EPA-registered and plant-based solutions to maintain healthy and properly ventilated air throughout your residence. We offer a wide range of effective and affordable indoor air quality services throughout Frederick, Howard County, Carroll County, and Montgomery County.

Here are a few of the ways we can reduce indoor air pollution inside your home:

  • Air quality testing. Testing is an essential first step to help with diagnosing indoor air quality issues. We can detect the full scope of an issue and create a customized plan for remediation. 
  • Controlling mold, odors, and moisture. We provide expert and eco-friendly services to remediate mold and remove odors from your home.
  • Improving indoor ventilation. We filter in clean and controlled air with proper temperature and humidity while reducing contaminated air from your home. 

Ready to take action and prioritize the indoor air quality of your home in Frederick? Call Green Home Solutions today at (443) 409-3001 to get started.