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Spring into Action with our Spring Action Plan!

  • Date: 03-2022

Spring is in the air, and we’ve got some tips to make sure that your indoor air is just as fresh as the spring air! Preparing your home for the season is all about allergen control: balancing your home’s indoor air to reduce allergens from mold spores, microbes, and viruses, all of which can wreak havoc on your respiratory health.

While spring prep can seem daunting, we’ve broken down three areas to focus on:

  • Disinfection
  • Air Filtration
  • Humidity Control

Go beyond simply spraying an aerosol anti-bacterial cleaner, which can actually exacerbate symptoms for particularly sensitive breathers. At Green Home Solutions, our EPA-registered, plant-based disinfection products are designed to target allergens, microbes, and viruses that contaminate your air and reside on surfaces. Additionally, our probiotic solutions attack harmful bacteria while balancing your air’s biome.

Air Filtration:
This spring, don’t just replace your HVAC air filters – upgrade them. Check the specifications of your HVAC system and use the highest rated MERV filter allowed. If possible, use a MERV filter with a rating of 9 or 10. Why? These filters do a better job of capturing particles and matter that would otherwise serve as irritants. Furthermore, during COVID-19, American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers recommended that commercial buildings and businesses upgrade their HVAC filtration and cleaning systems to achieve a MERV13 rating, as a way of giving their employees and customers peace of mind. Give yourself peace of mind at your home with better quality air filters.

In some cases, you may also want to opt for an air filtration and purification system. If you opt for this solution, be wary of desktop models that aren’t cost-effective or ionicbased systems that inject harmful ozone into your environment (check out this article for more details). The air filtration and purification system we install uses HEPA filters to give you more confidence in the air you breathe.

Humidity Control:
When it comes to preventing mold growth, monitoring indoor humidity and controlling moisture are critical. This spring, be sure to thoroughly clean and disinfect your humidifier and go ahead and prep your de-humidifier as well. Both of these appliances are great for balancing the moisture in your indoor air, making the air easier and more comfortable to breathe while preventing mold growth. But…make sure that your humidifier and de-humidifier are clean! Dirty or moldy appliances pose a threat: they inject and disperse mold spores in your indoor air, increasing the chances of an out-of-control mold outbreak.

When you focus on these three areas this spring, you’re sure to be prepared for a healthier season. Many of us suffer from spring allergies, so it’s important to do all we can to optimize our indoor air environment. Call us today for a free assessment, which includes not only a thorough visual inspection but also an air quality test that reviews your home’s humidity metrics and harmful airborne particulates. Check us out on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube for more indoor air quality tips you won’t want to miss.

End Notes:
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