Mold Remediation in Myrtle Beach: How Do You Prevent Mold? 

Mold is a common household concern, but it’s not inevitable. In fact, taking steps to prevent mold can save you from a lot of headaches down the line. At Green Home Solutions, in addition to mold remediation in Myrtle Beach, our service also helps homeowners prevent mold growth. We can make sure your home isn’t a place where mold can easily grow. 

How do you prevent mold? Let’s look at four different ways you can protect your home from mold issues. 

4 Ways to Prevent Mold in Your Home 

Mold will only grow when it has enough air, water, and food material to survive. In homes, mold can feed on all kinds of organic matter, including wood, carpeting, and even dust. That’s why it’s so important to limit its access to water and air: 

  • Address water intrusion. If there is a leak, flooding, or other water intrusion, you’ll want to dry it up right away. Remove wet carpeting from the floor and address wet upholstery. You’ll want to complete this within 24-48 hours of a water event.  
  • Install proper ventilation. Adequate airflow can help to maintain a dry, healthy indoor environment. If you don’t already have them, exhaust fans can be a great addition to bathrooms or kitchens. A dehumidifier can also help to control moisture and aid in ventilation.  
  • Monitor humidity. It’s important to keep overall humidity levels as low as possible in the home. You can track humidity levels with a meter from the hardware store. You’ll always want to activate vents when cooking, showering, or during other high-humidity activities. 
  • Be proactive. Basements, roofs, and other areas can be particularly vulnerable to water intrusion. You want to be as proactive as possible with these areas. Make sure rain gutters are clear and in good working order. Consider waterproofing or encapsulating your crawl space. 

At Green Home Solutions, we investigate moisture sources and other active contributors to mold. That’s always the first step for any mold remediation project we undertake in the Myrtle Beach area. 

Why You Need Expert Mold Remediation in Myrtle Beach 

If mold has already infiltrated your home, you’ll want to schedule professional mold remediation in Myrtle Beach. With Green Home Solutions, treatment is cost-friendly, family-friendly, and incredibly precise: 

  • We identify hidden moisture or mold issues.  
  • We use high-impact, eco-friendly fungicides.  
  • We limit the damage and cost involved in treatment.

If you want to learn more about controlling and preventing mold, contact our mold remediation experts in Myrtle Beach. Just call Green Home Solutions at (843) 315-9262 and we can schedule a consultation.