Mold Removal in Myrtle Beach: Will Mold Die if it Dries Out?

Where moisture appears, mold often surfaces, too. You may already appreciate how necessary it is to remove moisture issues like leaks or water intrusion. But is that enough for mold removal in Myrtle Beach? 

At Green Home Solutions, we’re often asked: Will mold die out if it’s dried out? Mold only occurs when it has the right conditions to survive. It’s an understandable leap to assume without moisture sources, mold will die off, too. Let’s take a look at what really happens. 

4 Things to Know About Mold When it Dries Out 

If you’ve found or treated any moisture contributors to mold, that’s a great first step for mold removal in Myrtle Beach. But it’s only the first step. Here’s what you need to know about mold once it’s dried out: 

  • Dry mold isn’t dead mold. When mold is deprived of its moisture sources, it can “dry out.” But this doesn’t mean it’s dead. Instead, mold becomes temporarily dormant and will reactivate if it’s exposed to a new moisture source.
  • Dry mold can become airborne. If mold is dried out, it can actually be at greater risk of becoming airborne. That’s because dry mold is lighter and more easily able to float into the air. If dry mold lands in a hospitable environment, it can start growing again. 
  • Dry mold can still present health concerns. Unfortunately, dry mold can continue to present health risks to those with respiratory conditions, allergies, or other sensitivities. Because dry mold is more likely to become airborne, it’s more likely to affect overall air quality, too. 
  • Dry mold can survive for a long time. In its dry, dormant state, mold can continue living for a long time. In fact, mold that has dried out can remain alive for years in certain conditions! Once it reabsorbs moisture, it can re-activate, continuing to grow.  

It’s never enough to treat moisture sources for mold. For long-term mold prevention, it’s important to have thorough, precise mold remediation, too. 

Get Fast-Acting, Long-Lasting Mold Removal in Myrtle Beach 

When mold invades your home, you want professional remediation from experts you trust. For homes in Myrtle Beach, Green Home Solutions can provide:  

  • Mold inspection and testing.  
  • Moisture prevention strategies.  
  • Mold removal within days.

We make sure you get fast-acting, long-lasting remediation whenever you need it. 

If you have questions about mold removal in Myrtle Beach, we can answer them! Call your Green Home Solutions representative today at (843) 315-9262.