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Mold Removal in Chicago: How We Put Your Health First

  • Date: 12-2019

At Green Home Solutions, we understand that no one wants to deal with mold. Our rapid-response mold removal services in Chicago are designed to take stress out of the picture by quickly and comprehensively treating any mold within your property. 

But while we always prioritize affordable, impactful, and fast mold removal, it’s your health that’s the main priority for our representatives. For buildings in Chicago, Evanston, Highland Park, Northbrook, Glenview, Wilmette, and nearby towns, we understand how much mold can be a health concern. 

Our mold remediation and air quality services take immediate action on mold while thinking about your health every step of the way. 

About Our Professional Treatment in Chicago 

The longer mold is left unchecked, the more likely it is to spread. When you want to get rid of mold at your property in Chicago for good, you’ll want professional mold removal services. Here’s how our services make such a direct impact: 

eco friendly mold removal in Chicago
  • Discovering mold. Mold can easily slip beneath surfaces and into subsurfaces without detection. That’s why we use professional inspection technology to scout for and discover hidden mold growth. 
  • Containing the issue. Isolating mold before it has the chance to spread further is important. We rely on robust equipment and comprehensive containment strategies to keep affected areas isolated. 
  • Preventing growth. In order to get lasting results, it’s essential to identify the cause of mold. We help you to take immediate prevention measures, minimizing the chances of mold coming back. 

Our Health-Focused Strategies For Mold Removal

From your first consultation with Green Home Solutions to final post-treatment testing, your health is a primary concern for us. We always rely on health-conscious tactics for mold removal in Chicago, including the following:

  • Fast-acting treatment. We recognize that the longer mold stays within your environment, the more it can affect health. We quickly lock down and treat any indoor areas with mold in as little as 2 days. 
  • Green treatment sprays. Our services never rely on high-toxicity pollutants or other ingredients that may negatively impact the air you breathe. Instead, we use powerful but eco-friendly treatment sprays.  
  • Improving your indoor space. Our treatment strategies target your indoor air quality as well as environmental factors so we can improve and restore a healthy indoor environment.  

Don’t let mold give you cause for stress. Instead, call Green Home Solutions in Chicago at (312) 757-4667 to book our mold removal services for your property.