mold remediation

About Mold Remediation in East Lyme

  • Date: 06-2020

Getting professional mold remediation can quickly stop the cost and damage of any indoor mold. With Green Home Solutions in East Lyme, treatments are both fast and proactive, mitigating any growth that’s present while ensuring that preventative measures are taken. We make sure that mold goes away and stays away, for peace of mind that lasts. 

We quickly address any existing impact that mold has had on your indoors, treating affected surfaces and cleaning indoor air. It means we can help to prevent mold from further infiltrating indoor areas and chewing through building materials, while restoring a healthy indoor environment. We take a comprehensive approach to mold and mold control.  

Choosing Our Mold Remediation in East Lyme 

One of the many benefits of Green Home Solutions is that we take the stress and uncertainty out of mold remediation in East Lyme. You’ll have a clear sense of how extensively mold has spread, what’s caused it, and the scope of remediation that’s needed to deal with it. 

We make this possible by implementing a detailed inspection for mold and moisture before treatment. The data we get from this initial step is what we use to draft precise remediation protocols for your home or building. We contain any mold-affected areas, then treat them extensively. Our sprays are proven to deliver results again and again, attacking mold and mold spores upon contact.  

All of this can take as little as 48 hours or more, depending on the reach of mold. Our strategic methods help us provide treatment at a fraction of the cost of conventional companies, for lasting mold abatement. 

How Green Home Solutions Prioritizes Your Health 

At Green Home Solutions, we don’t just work within the community, we live here, too. Our representatives are based locally, in: 

We know how much health matters. We prioritize your health whenever we implement treatment. With our tactical approach to mold remediation, we limit the need for demolition, keeping your indoor environment as clear of contaminants as possible. 

But that’s not all. The products we use don’t just attack mold. They also repair air quality inside your building, making it easier to breathe and spend more time indoors. 

Get affordable, fast-acting, and health-conscious mold remediation from Green Home Solutions in East Lyme. You can learn more about scheduling treatment by calling (860) 235-5371