Professional doing Comprehensive Mold Removal in East Lyme

Comprehensive Mold Removal in East Lyme

  • Date: 09-2020

If you’re dealing with pervasive mold issues, professional mold removal can make all the difference. At Green Home Solutions in East Lyme, we can quickly diagnose the source of mold issues and help you enjoy a mold-free indoors. Our affordable, proactive treatments offer fast results with lasting impact. 

Mold can be incredibly tenacious, making it very difficult to treat without professional services. With our expert remediation team, you’ll get rigorous inspection procedures, high-powered treatment sprays, and a tactical approach to abating growth. We deliver comprehensive remediation that treats mold on surfaces, below surfaces, and in the air, too.  

About Our Rapid-Response Mold Removal in East Lyme

At Green Home Solutions, we appreciate the stress and frustration that occurs when dealing with mold. Our rapid-response approach to mold removal never sacrifices the effectiveness of remediation. Instead, we use diligent methods to find, treat, and prevent indoor mold for East Lyme buildings: 

Inspection before and after remediation. Our representatives can comb affected areas for mold and moisture sources. We use professional detection equipment to look out for any pockets of mold growth. 

A remediation plan for your home. We always tailor our approach based on the type of mold we’ve discovered. This means we can be swift but precise when implementing remediation. 

Minimal teardown or renovation. With our treatments, teardown is always a last resort. Instead, we employ robust sprays that preserve indoor surfaces while targeting mold. 

Our remediation company can treat most homes in 5 days or less. We accomplish this with verified methods that align with EPA guidelines as well as ANSI/IICRC remediation protocols. We know how important it is to get expert treatment that you can trust to work. 

Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

Mold can have a significant impact on respiratory health, and we’ve always taken that into consideration. That’s true of our mold removal services throughout: 

  • East Lyme
  • Madison
  • Old Saybrook
  • Guilford
  • And the surrounding area

With treatment from Green Home Solutions, you can expect your respiratory health to be taken into consideration. Because we rely so little on teardown, we can minimize the harsh contaminants in the air you breathe. Our remediation sprays further improve your air quality. These proprietary products restore, repair, and clean the air you breathe, for a healthier indoors. 

Set up your mold removal services in East Lyme today. You can book a free indoor air quality consultation with Green Home Solutions at (860) 235-5371.