Mold Removal Services

Mold Removal Services in East Lyme: What You Need To Know 

  • Date: 05-2019

When you have mold, taking a rapid approach to treatment can help to minimize further spread of tiny mold spores and mold colonies. At Green Home Solutions in East Lyme, our mold removal services are fast-acting, with treatments that start to break down mold upon contact. If you have mold, we can help you understand your options and take proactive steps to address it now. 

What You Need To Know About Mold Removal Services in East Lyme

If you’ve never used mold removal services in East Lyme, you may have questions about what decision is right for you:  

our staff doing mold removal services in east lyme
  • Can you treat mold on your own? While many stores sell non-professional mold removers, these products typically only scrub mold from your surfaces. This means that hidden mold and mold spores can continue to spread through your home unchecked, causing damage to your interiors.     
  • Is Green Home Solutions right for you? At Green Home Solutions, we deliver lasting treatments with less renovation, less time, and less cost than traditional companies. We do this by prioritizing a highly strategic approach to remediation, minimizing the need for demolition while attacking visible and concealed growth. 

How Our Mold Removal Services from Green Home Solutions in East Lyme Work 

For homes in East Lyme, Old Lyme, Mystic, Groton, Stonington, and Ledyard, Green Home Solutions provides four important steps for mold remediation: 

  • Indoor air quality consultation. When you first get in touch with Green Home Solutions, we start by scheduling an indoor air quality consultation. This in-person meeting is an ideal opportunity for you to tell us about air quality issues you’ve been facing, and to show us affected rooms in your home or building. 
  • Mold testing. Once we’ve completed an initial consultation, we’ll schedule preliminary mold testing. This inspection will give you a full overview of mold and moisture within your property. We also provide next steps for moisture control and mold abatement.  
  • Mold removal services. After mold testing, we can prepare for comprehensive mold remediation. Our licensed representatives in East Lyme will use the results of the test to deliver high-powered, highly targeted treatments. With a moisture control plan in place, you’ll have lasting protection against future mold. 
  • Final testing. We always recommend getting a final inspection after remediation is complete. We can conduct this testing, or recommend an independent inspection service in East Lyme. That way, you can see that your mold removal services worked. 

Get mold removal services you can count on. Get in touch with Green Home Solutions in East Lyme—contact (860) 235-5371 today.