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  • Date: 03-2021

When you’re facing persistent indoor mold issues, you’ll want professional mold removal services in Guilford, CT. At Green Home Solutions, we take the stress and cost out of remediation, comprehensively investigating, preventing, and removing mold. We use rigorous treatment products to break down mold at a molecular level while deploying expert measures to improve your indoor environment. 

Treating mold is more involved than removing visible growth. With Green Home Solutions, remediation takes a multi-pronged approach. We use detailed inspections to assess the full scope of mold issues and to build a remediation response that works quickly and effectively. It’s how we administer affordable and fast-acting treatments every time. 

Comprehensive, Fast-Acting Mold Removal

Mold is incredibly resilient, which is why professional mold removal can have such an immediate impact in curtailing growth. With the right equipment and expert methods for treatment, it’s easier to get to the root of mold and related issues. Here’s how we get a handle on mold:

  • We find out why mold’s occurring. Before treatment begins, your Green Home Solutions representative will assess any affected areas to determine why mold’s appearing and how extensively it’s spread. This early inspection means we can help to dry up moisture sources and prevent mold from coming back. 
  • We contain any spread. When mold isn’t contained or treated properly, it’s very easy to contaminate nearby living areas. We isolate and contain any further spread of mold, using high-powered measures to minimize cross-contamination risks. It also allows us to reduce any adverse effects caused by mold. 
  • We deliver fast, strategic remediation. We implement treatments quickly and proactively. Because we always take the time to inspect mold issues first, we’re able to develop remediation strategies based on inspection data. In doing so, we’re able to precisely clean up mold growing below surfaces as well as airborne mold. 

Your Indoor Air Quality Experts in Guilford, CT 

Get started with mold removal for your home or business today. Our services are available to those in the following communities:

  • Guilford
  • Old Saybrook
  • East Lyme
  • Madison
  • And throughout the surrounding areas

If you have questions about our mold removal services, we can provide you with answers. We can also take this time to review affected areas and recommend next steps. We’re committed to getting you expert results you can count on. 

 To schedule an indoor air quality consultation for mold removal services in Guilford, call (860) 235-5371 today.