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Ask Our Mold Remediation Service in North Attleboro: Where Does Mold Grow?

  • Date: 09-2019

When mold shows up, there’s usually a reason. As a mold remediation service in North Attleboro, Green Home Solutions often sees mold appear in areas where homeowners aren’t expecting it. But mold only appears when an indoor environment provides suitable conditions for mold to flourish.

All mold requires is enough moisture, air, and food material to let it thrive. Mold spores and mold colonies will consume porous surfaces (such as drywall or wood), dirt, sheet rock, and even rugs or carpeting. Within hours of moisture accumulating, mold can sprout up, too, using tiny mold spores to spread further into your building’s interiors. 

Why You May Need Mold Remediation in North Attleboro: 3 Surprising Places Where Mold Might Appear 

Mold can grow anywhere when the conditions are right, but there are a few spots in any home it gravitates towards. Here are three places to keep in mind: 

a wall that needs our mold remediation service in North Attleboro
  • Behind the fridge. Many people think to check under the sink for mold, but have you looked behind the refrigerator and other appliances lately? This area can create the perfect environment for mold to flourish. 
  • Behind walls. Small leaks in your pipework may not be an issue at first, but they do allow mold to thrive in this cold, damp habitat. Identifying and treating this type of mold is essential to preventing damage to subsurfaces. 
  • Below carpeting. The porousness of floorboards are an ideal food source for mold, fungi, and mildew. When you have carpets or rugs, they can often capture moisture and prevent airflow, allowing mold to surface. 

Without a professional mold remediation service, it can be difficult to track down everywhere that mold appears in your home. At Green Home Solutions, our ACAC-certified structural mold inspectors are local to North Attleboro and can carefully identify the full scope of mold growth within a building.

Our Targeted Mold Remediation Service in North Attleboro

While there are plenty of places throughout your home that mold can grow, it’s hard to know if mold has occurred without the proper equipment or training. For buildings in North Attleboro, Seekonk, Middleborough, Taunton, Fall River, and Attleboro, here are a few times when you should seek out mold remediation services:

  • When you’ve had flooding, leaks, or moisture buildup. 
  • When you notice an odd smell. 
  • When you start to experience symptoms such as respiratory problems, congestion, coughing, or headaches.
  • When you live in an older house with drafts or moisture. 

Our mold remediation service can quickly detect, isolate, and address mold for homes in the North Attleboro area. Call (508) 779-5501 to learn more about treatments with Green Home Solutions.