Springfield Mold Testing

Date: 08-2015

Finding mold in your home is a nightmare for homeowners, but identifying exactly what type of mold you are dealing with is the first step in resolving the problem once and for all. For professional Springfield mold testing, there is nobody more trusted in the industry than the experts at Green Home Solutions! With eco-friendly […]

Cost-Effective Alternative to Traditional Mold Treatment

Date: 08-2015

Suspect mold in your home but don’t want to expose your family to toxic molecules? Green Home Solutions offers a better way. When used as directed, our plant based mold removal products destroy mold at the source, clearing both air and surface mold without putting your pets and children at risk. With our highly trained […]

Plymouth Mold Inspection Services

Date: 08-2015

Even though it’s unsightly, Plymouth homeowners should always keep their eyes open for new mold growths. It doesn’t take long for them to sprout up often 24-48 hours following exposure to a dampened area. Unfortunately, proper mold inspection constitutes more than just a simple eye test. Even though visual inspection is one of the preliminary […]

Why Choose Green Home Solutions?

Date: 08-2015

Why Choose Green Home Solutions? At Green Home Solutions, we’re always developing and researching Green Products that are effective, natural and safe. GHS services use products that are made primarily from ingredients which are generally regarded as safe or are EPA registered. We provide an effective solution for your home or office, our employees and […]

Plymouth Odor Removal Services

Date: 08-2015

Unpleasant odors can be common in many Plymouth households, even if the people in them are dedicated to keeping things clean. Anything from an abundance of pets to forgetting to take the garbage out can create lingering odors that distract you from the comforts of home. These, of course, are the more harmless odor sources, […]

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