Indoor Air Quality Testing in Fall River: How Air Quality Affects Your Health

Most people understand that air pollution is bad for your health. But do you know that we’re typically exposed to air pollution through indoor environments? At Green Home Solutions, we administer detailed indoor air quality testing and other treatments in Fall River. We know how easy it is to overlook the air in your home, so we’re committed to helping homeowners enjoy cleaner, healthier air.

The truth is, indoor environments are filled with all kinds of contaminants, from pet dander to cooking smoke and everything in between. While some types of pollutants are more harmful than others, it’s always important to understand how air quality affects health. 

Let’s take a look. 

How Poor Air Quality and Health Are Connected  

To start, it helps to understand that the health consequences of poor air quality occur on a wide spectrum. Age, genetics, and current health all play a factor, too. Here’s what polluted air can cause:  

  • Short-term discomfort. Short-term exposure to poor air quality can contribute to immediate discomfort and symptoms. These symptoms can vary enormously, including headaches, congestion, eye irritation, fatigue, reduced productivity, and dizziness. 

    The severity of a reaction can depend on the concentration of contaminants, ventilation, and length of exposure. For some air quality issues, even a single exposure to pollutants can trigger a short-term reaction. If you find symptoms only occur when you’re in a certain space, that can be an indicator of air quality problems.
  • Long-term problems. When people are frequently exposed to poor air quality over a long period of time, this can activate all kinds of issues. The vast majority of these health problems occur in the lungs and the heart, including strokes, pneumonia, and other concerns. In some cases, poor air quality has led to an increase in cancer rates. 

    By the time a long-term issue has revealed itself, it’s typically too late to address the underlying air quality problem. That’s why experts recommend dealing with air quality issues right away, starting with indoor air quality testing.

Schedule Expert Indoor Air Quality Testing in Fall River

If you’re worried about mold or other issues in your home, it’s a good idea to schedule indoor air quality testing. At Green Home Solutions, we offer comprehensive testing for buildings in: 

Green Home Solutions providing indoor air quality testing in Fall River.
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