Mold Inspection in Middleborough

Worker providing a Mold Inspection in Middleborough

When we perform mold inspection services in Middleborough, one of the main things we look for is the source of mold growth. Often, the underlying source is a leak. This could be due to a cracked pipe, loose sealant, foundation damage, or another problem. Whatever the reason for the leak, the result is the same: moisture collects where it shouldn’t, creating ideal conditions for mold.

If we find a leak during a mold inspection, that invites an important question. Do you fix the leak before removing or treating the mold? Or should you solve the mold problem first before stopping the leak?

With few exceptions, this question comes with a clear answer. If possible, you’ll want to fix the leak first. Otherwise, you’ll need a way to stop or contain the leak before you begin mold treatment.

Below, our mold inspection experts explain why it’s important to stop the leak first and how you can fix mold problems once the leak is stopped.

Stopping the Leak vs. Treating the Mold

There are two key reasons why you’ll want to stop a leak before proceeding with a mold removal treatment.

The first reason is how the leak could impact the treatment itself. If the leak remains active, the moisture could dilute or block the mold remediation product, making it less effective. By blocking the leak and allowing the affected area to dry out, you’ll increase the likelihood of a successful treatment.

The second reason is that an active leak can encourage new mold growth after the treatment is complete. If you get rid of all the mold, but you don’t fix the moisture problem, new mold can grow easily and quickly once the original mold is removed.

By stopping the leak first, you can ensure a successful mold treatment and prevent new mold from growing once the treatment is complete.

Our Mold Inspection & Treatment Services in Middleborough

Families in Middleborough trust Green Home Solutions for our mold inspection and remediation services. Whether the mold in your home has been caused by a leak or another issue, we make it easy to diagnose the severity and source of the problem and develop a custom solution to restore your home’s health.

Our mold treatments are performed using a green treatment product that harnesses the natural power of plant enzymes. When used as directed, this product is safe for families, including children and pets, making it a perfect choice for treating mold in your home.

Green Home Solutions offers mold inspection and mold treatment services throughout Middleborough and in neighboring communities. We currently offer our services in Middleborough, North Attleboro, Fall River, Taunton, Attleboro, Seekonk, New Bedford, and surrounding areas.

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