Mold Inspection in Taunton

Worker providing a Mold Inspection in Taunton

How do you know if there’s mold in your home? A thorough and professional mold inspection is one of the best ways to know for sure. Mold can’t always be uncovered by smell or sight alone. For homes in Taunton, Green Home Solutions always suggests this preliminary measure even before you consider remediation. 

An inspection doesn’t just tell you whether mildew, mold, or fungi are present. You’ll also learn the severity of the issue, the underlying cause, and recommended next steps for treatment. At Green Home Solutions, we implement both inspection and remediation for homes throughout the area. We help you resolve mold issues long-term. 

What To Look For With Indoor Mold 

For many people, it seems like mold appears with little or no warning. When you don’t know what to look out for, it’s easy to overlook the potential for active growth. Even before you schedule a mold inspection in Taunton, it’s always a good idea to be watchful for clues of mold or moisture issues. Here are three signs of indoor mold: 

Visible surface deterioration. When walls or floors start to warp, buckle, or peel, it can present a cause for concern. Surface deterioration often signals the existence of moisture below the surface, and possibly mold, too. Watch for peeling wallpaper or paint, bubbling, or other signs of sudden wear. 

Leaks or flooding. Water intrusion such as flooding or a leak is often the underlying cause of mold. Every year, Bristol County sees significant precipitation, and plenty of homes experience flooding or other water issues. If your home has recently experienced an event like this, you’ll want to watch for mold, too. 

Rusting or other water damage. If your pipes are starting to rust, or rust is building up on indoor surfaces, it can be an indicator of moisture buildup. Bathrooms, kitchens, and basements are especially vulnerable to these kinds of issues, so make sure to check for this every once in a while. 

Schedule A Detailed Mold Inspection in Taunton 

Mold inspection from Green Home Solutions involves multiple investigation methods to map out the full scope and source of growth. We use precision to date moisture sources related to mold and to identify the scope of remediation needed to remove issues completely. Wherever you’re based, our team can come to you in: 

  • Taunton
  • North Attleboro
  • Seekonk
  • New Bedford
  • Fall River
  • Middleborough
  • Attleboro
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Schedule a detailed mold inspection for your home. To get started, call Green Home Solutions in Taunton at (508) 779-5501.