Poor Indoor Air Quality in Taunton: What Causes It?

Indoor air quality in Taunton.

Air quality issues can do more than cause odd smells in your indoor spaces. Poor air quality can lead to respiratory problems, allergic reactions, and even mold infestations. Quickly addressing air quality issues is essential for feeling comfortable in your indoor spaces. However, to effectively remedy these issues, it’s first necessary to understand what’s causing them. We’ll go through the main factors that cause poor indoor air quality in Taunton, MA, homes below to give you a better idea of how these issues pop up and how our team remedies them.

The Factors that Cause Poor Indoor Air Quality in Taunton Homes

There are two main factors that contribute to indoor air quality issues. Here’s a quick overview of these factors and how they can affect the quality of the air in your home:

Poor Ventilation

Poor ventilation is a common cause of air quality issues because it traps anything already affecting your air quality inside your home. When smoke from cooking, cleaning product residue from tidying up, and other irritants in your air can’t escape, you’re constantly breathing them in. The air in your home should always be circulating with outdoor air. This allows irritants and allergens to escape and improves air quality while preventing humidity from getting trapped and causing mold.


Pollutants can exist as particulates in the air and are a common cause of air quality issues. They can come in several forms like cleaning residue and mold particles, as a gas, like radon or exhaust, or as a mixture of particulates and gas, like smoke. A wide range of pollutants can show up in your home, which is why a multifaceted approach is crucial for removing these pollutants and improving the air quality in your indoor spaces.

How We Improve Indoor Air Quality

At Green Home Solutions, we take a comprehensive approach to getting your air quality back on track. Our team utilizes in-depth inspections, testing, mold remediation treatments, purification, and ventilation strategies. Together, these steps help combat air quality issues to keep you breathing better in the long run. We’ll design and implement a treatment plan around your unique space and its existing issues to bring you results you can trust.

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