Mold Removal Services provided by Green Home Solutions of North Attleboro

Rapid-Response Mold Remediation in Taunton 

  • Date: 02-2020

Once it’s appeared indoors, mold can spread quickly. That’s why it’s always important to get fast and highly targeted mold remediation from professionals you trust. For buildings in Taunton, MA, Green Home Solutions takes a rapid-response approach to treatment without ever compromising on delivering effective, long-term results.

We make it affordable and easy to get trusted mold remediation. Each of our licensed representatives is highly knowledgeable about mold and mold control, and can maintain building standards that adhere to the EPA, the Indoor Environmental Standards Organization, OSHA, and other specific guidelines. 

Our representatives know that facing mold problems can be a source of stress and expense for many homeowners. Traditional remediation often involves teardown and renovation of surfaces, which can be both costly and time-consuming. We keep your costs to a minimum, using other responsive methods to get to mold in your home.  

About Our Mold Remediation For Taunton Homes

family friendly mold remediation in Taunton

With mold remediation from Green Home Solutions, we always start with mold inspection services. This level of comprehensive detection involves professional equipment and a strong understanding of mold. Our representatives look for any visible growth, as well as concealed mold.

We take as many steps as needed to get a thorough understanding of the extent of mold growth. That includes, if necessary, third-party lab testing of air or surface samples. Inspection gives you a clear picture of any indoor mold problem, from how far it’s spread to what’s caused it. We make sure you know these details and what we’ll do to treat mold before we start.

From there, we form a strategy for quickly and completely treating mold. This step allows us to minimize the need for teardown of surfaces wherever possible. Treatments can take 48 hours to 5 days to be completed. We make sure mold growth is treated while helping you prevent it from returning.   

Air Quality Experts With Proven Impact 

Green Home Solutions only uses tried and tested methods for mold remediation. The products we use are derived from plant-based enzymes, which can rapidly break down mold and mold spores upon contact, continuing to act even after initial application.  

Homeowners can get our treatments with proven impact in the following communities: 

Mold remediation doesn’t have to be costly or complicated. Homeowners in Taunton can take the first step toward improving their health by giving us a call today at (508) 779-5501