Mold Inspection in Providence: Your Trusted Choice

When mold enters your home, you’ll always want to be proactive about dealing with it. A thorough mold inspection from experts in Providence will make all the difference. At Green Home Solutions, we test and treat mold within days. We know precision and thoroughness is crucial to addressing mold growth. We always recommend an inspection first and foremost. 

Mold Inspection in Providence: Your Trusted Choice

Whether you’ve discovered mold recently or it’s been a frequent issue, it’s difficult for homeowners and property managers to assess the full extent of mold growth. That’s because individual mold spores are invisible to the human eye, making it difficult to map out without professional equipment or investigation procedures.

At Green Home Solutions, we can help with this. We use comprehensive methods to root out mold and moisture sources, so remediation can occur right away if needed.

How Mold Inspection in Providence Can Make A Difference 

With mold inspection in Providence, it’s easier to understand what you’re dealing with when it comes to mold issues. From Green Home Solutions, an inspection can reveal why mold has surfaced and how far it’s spread, as well as what’s needed to combat it: 

Mitigating mold damage. Mold can creep beneath surfaces and other hard-to-detect places in the home, making it easy to clean up visible mold while undetected mold thrives. Halting any further damage means mapping out the full spread of mold. We do this by using special infrared equipment to discover otherwise undetected growth.  

Offering long-term prevention. If mold sources aren’t treated properly, mold can resurface again and again. During the inspection process, we always look for any moisture events or other contributors to growth. In doing so, we can help you treat these mold sources, for effective long-term prevention. 

Taking guesswork out of the process. We make sure any cleanup of mold can be precise, fast, and targeted. With inspection reports, we devise a specific treatment plan based on the extent and severity of mold we’ve discovered. We remove uncertainty from treatment, so you can get affordable, proactive, and lasting results. 

Precise, Powerful Remediation From Green Home Solutions 

At Green Home Solutions, mold inspection is just the first step for fast-acting, powerful mold remediation. We clean up airborne mold as well as mold growing on surfaces, while making sure it can’t return easily. We’re here for homes and offices across the region:  

  • Providence
  • Warwick
  • Wakefield
  • East Greenwich
  • Newport 
  • And throughout the surrounding area

If you want to set up a mold inspection from Green Home Solutions, we’re here for you. Just contact our team in Providence by calling (401) 871-3335.