Mold Removal Services

Mold Removal Services in Warwick: 2 Common Questions Answered 

  • Date: 05-2019

At Green Home Solutions, we know that mold can be a stressful issue to deal with for many homeowners and property owners. If you’ve already tried to unsuccessfully treat mold on your own or with other mold removal services in Warwick, it may be difficult to want to use new methods.

But our services are rapid, responsive, and highly affordable. We can complete treatments within 48 hours in many cases, using our EPA-approved product, which breaks down growth upon coming into contact with it. Through our mold removal services, we can effectively remediate houses, rental properties, commercial facilities, and healthcare centers in Warwick, Newport, Providence, Wakefield, and East Greenwich. 

Can’t You Just Treat Mold On Your Own? 

When you first spot mold, you may think about trying to tackle it on your own. Maybe you have some household cleaners in your cupboards, or maybe your hardware store carries mold remover. But these treatment methods don’t help you understand what the initial cause of mold is. Without treating the cause, you’ll likely find yourself with mold again. 

our staff doing mold removal services in Warwick

Our mold removal services at Green Home Solutions in Warwick look for such solutions as leaks, water buildup, or any other hidden moisture events that have contributed to growth. This proactive approach means we can help you ensure that mold doesn’t return. Just as important, we can treat clearly visible mold as well as mold that’s concealed behind surfaces such as your walls or floors. 

DIY methods can cost you in the long-term, since they can allow hidden mold to continue spreading unabated. Be careful when using these methods, and consider getting a professional assessment before you take further action. 

How Are We Different From Other Mold Removal Services in Warwick? 

If you’ve unsuccessfully tried mold removal services in Warwick before, you might be wondering why you should rely on Green Home Solutions. It’s simple: at Green Home Solutions, we use rigorous testing to search your interiors for mold and moisture. We don’t just look for obvious or visible problems, but we also scan for growth behind walls, floors, and other porous surfaces. 

When we’ve mapped out the extent of your mold problem, we’ll lock down these areas, isolating mold from spreading further.  Unlike other companies, we don’t use harsh chemicals or temporary solutions. Instead, we use scientifically verified treatments that are also environmentally friendly, for cleaner air and lasting results. 

Our licensed representatives in Warwick are happy to speak to you about our affordable mold removal services. Call Green Home Solutions at (401) 871-3335 to find out more.