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Mold Removal Services in Newport

  • Date: 08-2015

Smelling a musty odor or seeing signs of mold in your home? The Newport mold removal professionals of Green Home Solutions are here to help. Our revolutionary product offers the best solution to your mold issue. Utilizing safe, potent and completely natural chemicals, our company can eradicate any mold problem without damaging your health.

Newport Mold Removal

Our complete mold remediation system is designed to be thorough, helping you identify the source and type of mold issue in your home before delving into the ideal treatment plan. With the help of our organic mold removal products, you can have your problem eliminated in 4 steps:

1.Inspection: Our Newport mold inspection pros are experts when it comes to visual signs of mold, but we’ve also seen well-hidden mold become a problem in homes. Our inspection phase helps identify clear signs, and can include an optional air quality test.

2.Mold Testing: Samples from our inspection phase are sent to a third-party lab, who will build a thorough profile of your mold issue.

3.Removal: We’ll remove your mold using minimally-invasive techniques and our exclusive natural products. Whether you need basement mold removal or whole-home application, we’ll get the job done.

4.Post-Test: No mold treatment is complete without a post-test to assure that the problem has been resolved.

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