Two professionals for Fast-Acting Mold Removal in Bath

Fast-Acting Mold Removal in Bath

  • Date: 04-2021

If you’re faced with indoor mold, it’s always important to act quickly. With fast-acting, high-impact mold removal from Green Home Solutions, you can quickly mitigate the adverse effects of mold. In Bath, we offer powerful treatments at a fraction of the cost and time of conventional remediation. We accomplish this by carefully investigating mold issues and taking a strategic approach to abatement. 

When mold surfaces, it’s a symptom of underlying environmental issues such as leaks or poor ventilation. In order to effectively treat mold, addressing those environmental issues is imperative. At Green Home Solutions, we work with you to identify and abate water intrusion and other mold contributors. We don’t just clean up mold. We leave you with a healthier and more breathable indoors. 

How We Deliver Mold Removal in Bath 

Even if you’ve discovered visible evidence of mold, Green Home Solutions always completes a detailed mold inspection as a precursor to mold removal. We use rigorous detection methods to assess the full extent of mold, using robust equipment which can seek out microscopic growth.

For homes and buildings in Bath, this initial process informs our remediation protocols, allowing us to treat quickly and with enormous precision: 

Rapid-response remediation. We build remediation protocols which are designed to be rapid, responsive, and specific to your home. It means we can be more strategic and swift without ever sacrificing impact. 

A minimum of demolition. Because we take a tactical approach to remediation, we significantly reduce the need for demolition or teardown. The products we use can even repair indoor surfaces in some cases. 

Environmentally conscious products. We use EPA-certified, eco-friendly products exclusive to Green Home Solutions. These products are proven to aggressively break down mold and mold particles.  

With Green Home Solutions, you’ll also have the option of a final inspection once remediation is completed. We compare initial inspection data to results from this final inspection, so you can have clear proof of a treatment’s effectiveness. Our representatives help you gain peace of mind with remediation.  

Schedule Your Mold Inspection With Green Home Solutions 

At Green Home Solutions, we offer expert inspections and comprehensive mold removal for commercial and residential buildings in the region: 

  • Bath
  • Strongsville
  • Montrose-Ghent
  • Brunswick
  • Fairlawn
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Our team uses inspection and remediation strategies which fully comply with EPA, ANSI/IICRC, and Indoor Environmental Standards Organization guidelines, as well as any relevant workplace protocols. We make it easy to get high-powered remediation that lasts. 

Schedule your mold inspection or mold removal with Green Home Solutions. To speak to our team in Bath, call (216) 373-0617.