Mold Inspection in Bath 

Worker providing Mold Inspection in Bath

For homeowners and property managers, mold and moisture problems can feel like an endless cycle. You’re trying to treat mold, but it keeps coming back. With significant mold and moisture issues, expert intervention can be necessary for stopping this cycle. At Green Home Solutions, we offer professional mold inspection and mold removal. For buildings in Bath, we can put a stop to mold and moisture right away.  

What should you start with first: treating mold or treating moisture? While it’s critical to address both, moisture control is the first step for long-term impact against mold. Let’s look at how this happens. 

3 Steps For Effective Mold Prevention 

When dealing with mold, precision and painstaking care are important to preventing recurring issues. This is why we always begin with a thorough, detailed mold inspection before treatment. It helps us take these three steps, ensuring long-lasting mold control in Bath: 

  • Finding and treating water intrusion. Before any remediation is recommended, finding and abating mold’s moisture sources is the first step. Your Green Home Solutions team will assist with this. With our expert mold inspection, we can identify which water sources mold is feeding on. After inspection, we can help to manage existing moisture problems.  
  • Containment measures for mold. At this point, mold is still a risk. It’s easier to disrupt dried out mold by accident, allowing it to release mold particles into the air or adjacent living areas. Once it finds enough water to live on, mold can start growing again. We employ high-powered equipment to isolate areas of existing growth.  
  • Rigorous mold remediation. Once active moisture sources have been taken care of, Green Home Solutions can begin mold cleanup immediately. We use inspection results to build out treatment strategies specifically for your home. This means we can be fast and tactical during the remediation process, reducing costs and disruption in the process. 

How Our Mold Inspection in Bath Helps 

Homeowners and property managers often find dealing with mold to be incredibly stressful. Mold inspection can minimize any stress or confusion with treatment. At Green Home Solutions, we’re able to identify the extent of mold and moisture issues, and offer concrete plans for managing both. We always remove guesswork from the process when treating mold in: 

  • Bath
  • Fairlawn
  • Brunswick
  • Strongsville
  • Montrose-Ghent
  • And throughout the surrounding area

A mold inspection from Green Home Solutions can help you take action against mold. To schedule a visit from our team in Bath, just call (216) 373-0617 for details.