Mold Inspection in Brunswick, OH 

Worker providing Mold Inspection in Brunswick, OH

Whether you’re grappling with pervasive mold issues or you’re not even sure mold is present in your home, a mold inspection is the next step to take. For residential properties in Brunswick, OH, Green Home Solutions can provide detailed inspection and remediation services. We help you treat indoor mold at its source so you can enjoy a healthier home.

Addressing mold issues doesn’t have to be costly, time-intensive, or complicated. Inspection helps to clarify the severity of mold issues at hand, as well as the scope of treatment needed. In taking this precaution, you can prevent mold from becoming a long-term presence in your home. With Green Home Solutions, it’s the first step for high-impact, affordable, and fast-acting remediation. 

How To Spot Indoor Mold: 3 Potential Signs  

When do you know if mold inspection is needed? Mold is microscopic and fast-growing, making it difficult to spot signs of growth even when it’s flourishing. For homeowners in Brunswick, we always recommend monitoring your home for other potential indicators of mold. Here’s a few to consider: 

  • Increased health concerns. If you’re noticing an uptick in incidents of asthma, allergies, or other health concerns when in the home, these may be related to mold. When mold grows indoors, it can often restrict the airways, aggravate respiratory conditions, and cause other potential issues.  
  • A strong mold odor. While mold doesn’t always produce a significant smell, sometimes you’ll notice an earthy, pungent, mildewy, or otherwise mold-associated odor. Try to narrow down where this smell is coming from. You’ll want to flag these areas when you scheduled any inspection. 
  • Water intrusion or buildup. Moisture issues are a magnet for potential mold growth. In fact, mold can appear within a day of water buildup. Keep an eye out for leaks, damp areas, or other signs of moisture accumulation. If you’re dealing with longstanding moisture issues, it’s likely mold is present, too. 

Schedule Your Professional Mold Inspection in Brunswick, OH

With professional mold inspection from Green Home Solutions, you can find out if mold is present, how far it’s spread, what’s causing it, and what to do next. We take comprehensive measures to investigate and identify mold issues for buildings across: 

  • Brunswick, OH
  • Fairlawn
  • Strongsville
  • Montrose-Ghent 
  • Bath
  • And throughout the surrounding areas

If you’re concerned about mold issues, take action with a detailed mold inspection today. To schedule a visit in Brunswick, OH from Green Home Solutions, call us at (216) 373-0617.