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Mold Remediation in Bath

  • Date: 07-2020

You don’t have to fight indoor mold on your own. At Green Home Solutions, we provide fast-acting and comprehensive mold remediation services for buildings in and around Bath. Treatments from our team are high on impact while minimizing the costs and timelines typically associated with remediation. We can isolate, investigate, and treat any growth while aiding in overall mold prevention strategies, too. 

Effective mold treatment involves triangulating the cause of mold. Your Green Home Solutions representative will always look for moisture sources that may be triggering mold, mildew, or related issues. We don’t implement treatment until after underlying leaks or moisture issues have been uncovered and addressed. That way, when we remediate any affected areas, mold is less likely to re-surface. 

Fast-Acting, Long-Lasting Mold Remediation in Bath

For homes and offices in Bath, Green Home Solutions deploys our full suite of treatment sprays, mold remediation equipment, and expert methods to track and treat any indoor mold. Professional equipment can make a significant difference in comprehensively addressing mold, preventing mold from penetrating subsurfaces, and discovering any hidden pockets of growth. That’s what you can expect with our team. 

We always devise a remediation plan after we’ve completed a preliminary mold inspection. This allows us to meaningfully customize the strategies we use to treat mold, for rapid-response treatment and long-term impact. Our representatives only work with our own, highly potent spray to treat mold. This product, derived from plant-based enzymes, can break down mold spores, active colonies, and even dead mold. 

With our own treatment spray, we can significantly reduce any need for renovation. Instead, we preserve any affected surfaces as much as possible, and use other methods to get to difficult-to-reach mold. We minimize the disruption, cost, and stress of remediation, with results in 48 hours or more.  

Prioritizing Your Health and Peace Of Mind With Green Home Solutions

Respiratory health is crucial. At Green Home Solutions, our mold remediation services always rely on EPA-certified, family-friendly products which are designed to attack the harmful, allergenic proteins found within mold. That’s what we use with all treatments in: 

Our products don’t just attack mold and fungi. They also clean, restore, and replenish overall indoor air quality, for a healthier indoors. We can even give you definitive proof of their impact, with a final inspection that verifies the results of any remediation. 

Get trusted mold remediation that puts your health and peace of mind first. Speak to one of our representatives in Bath by calling Green Home Solutions today: (216) 373-0617.