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Mold Removal Services in Strongsville: Your Questions Answered

  • Date: 06-2019

Finding out that your home has mold can feel like a cause for alarm. But Green Home Solutions in Strongsville, OH can provide rapid-response mold removal services to treat any mold growth inside your property. We know mold is an issue that many homeowners worry about, so let’s look at a few questions we get most often.  

Can You Treat Mold on Your Own? 

When you see mold in your home, you want it gone as fast as possible. Many people try to treat mold on their own, but DIY methods can often backfire. Without a comprehensive approach to mold remediation, it’s easy for mold to continue reappearing, or to flourish in secret behind walls, floors, or ceilings.

It’s just as easy to let individual mold spores escape. These microscopic particles travel through your air, taking mold further into your home. Our professional mold removal services can treat and remediate these individual spores as well as any other mold growth we find. With treatments that can take 48 hours or more to complete, we’ll get your home back to normal in no time. 

How Are Our Mold Removal Services Different?

Green Home Solutions prioritizes effective long-term solutions for managing mold and related issues. With our mold removal services, we’ll never use quick or short-term fixes to get the job done. Instead, we’ll carefully test your property, looking for why mold has occurred, how serious it is, and how to effectively remediate growth. 

our staff doing mold removal services in Strongsville

We use environmentally-gentle treatment methods that powerfully break down mold molecules, bacteria, fungi, and mildew. You’ll get long-lasting results with less cost and less time than traditional methods. 

How Should You Prepare for Remediation in Strongsville?

At Green Home Solutions in Strongsville, we’ll always prepare you for every step of the mold remediation process. When you get in touch with us, one of our representatives will visit your property in-person to observe affected areas and discuss any other areas of concern for you. At this point, we can always prepare you for any next steps we take. 

After an initial consultation, we’ll implement mold testing. This allows us to understand how significant mold growth has become, and to provide an accurate quote for our mold removal services. We always want you to have the information you need to take proactive next steps. 

Ready to set up a free consultation with Green Home Solutions? Just call our office in Strongsville at (216) 373-0617 today. Our mold removal services are available to those in Strongsville, Montrose-Ghent, Bath, Fairlawn, and Brunswick.