Professional using Our Mold Removal in Strongsville

Our Mold Removal in Strongsville

  • Date: 09-2020

When you need mold removal in Strongsville, Green Home Solutions can treat in just a matter of days. We offer fast-acting remediation with long-lasting results. Our expert team can identify and treat mold while preventing it from coming back anytime soon. 

If mold appears indoors, it’s typically a symptom of underlying indoor issues, such as water intrusion or leaks. Treating mold effectively involves uncovering those underlying issues and mitigating them. Mold can’t thrive without moisture, so addressing moisture issues means mold can’t easily return. 

With Green Home Solutions, you get time-tested, lab-tested remediation sprays and treatment methods. The products we use to treat your home are also safe for kids and pets, when used as directed. We help you protect your indoors. 

Choosing Our High-Powered Mold Removal in Strongsville 

At Green Home Solutions, we always test for mold prior to treatment. This crucial first step helps us to understand how far mold has spread and the extent of mold removal needed for lasting impact. For homeowners in Strongsville, we make it easier to know what you’re dealing with and what to expect in terms of next steps. 

We share testing results with you, as well as moisture control plans that help you manage the cause of mold. Based on inspection reports, our representatives build a remediation plan that’s highly targeted towards the indoor mold we’ve found. It means we can implement treatment that’s both fast and precise, with less cost, time, or uncertainty. 

One of the many benefits of Green Home Solutions is that we minimize demolition as much as possible. In doing so, we can protect your indoor surfaces while comprehensively breaking down all mold growth. It involves less disruption to your home and less expense, for high-powered treatment that can take less than a week to complete.

Our Eco-Friendly, Health-Friendly Treatment Sprays at Green Home Solutions

With Green Home Solutions, mold removal services are administered with a completely eco-friendly approach. We take this approach in: 

  • Strongsville
  • Montrose-Ghent
  • Fairlawn
  • Bath
  • Brunswick
  • And throughout the surrounding area

The products we use don’t have harsh chemicals or high-toxicity ingredients. Instead, these lab-tested, EPA-certified remediation sprays break down mold particles in the air and on surfaces. Our proprietary treatments aggressively neutralize mold at a molecular level, while improving and cleaning your indoor air. The result is a healthier, more breathable indoors.

If you need to schedule mold removal in Strongsville, Green Home Solutions is here for you. Call (216) 373-0617 to speak to one of our experts today.