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Alameda Mold Inspection Services

  • Date: 08-2015

From leaky pipes to moist A/C ducts to elevated indoor humidity, there are many potential sources of mold in your Alameda home. If you suspect that mold spores or other microbes have settled into your house, don’t delay?get in touch with Green Home Solutions today for a free mold inspection! Through one quick yet meticulous home mold inspection, we’ll help you take the first step toward fresher, more breathable indoor air.

What to Expect From Your Alameda Mold Inspection

When you call Green Home Solutions to address your mold suspicions, you’ll receive prompt and courteous care from our highly trained mold inspection team. To get started, we’ll send one of our certified mold technicians to your home for a free assessment. During this in-home appointment, our knowledgeable staff member will:

  • Listen to your concerns about mold and moisture build-up
  • Perform a brief yet thorough visual mold inspection around your house
  • Examine your ventilation and other potential sources of moisture
  • Record moisture levels using infrared technology
  • Recommend air quality and mold testing as necessary

Based on this mold inspection as well as the mold test results, we’ll generate a comprehensive report of findings and share it with you. If there is mold in your Alameda home, we’ll also propose a customized plan to eliminate it using our proprietary, EPA registered products. When administered by our trained technicians, these natural mold removal products can be applied directly to furniture and walls without posing a risk to your family members or your pets. Both effective and fast-acting, our ultra-fine mist spray is sure to kill the mold at its source?or we’ll reapply it for free!

Request Your Free Residential Mold Inspection Now

Why wait to remove mold and its indoor airborne impurities from your home? Call Green Home Solutions today to schedule your free, no-obligation mold inspection in Alameda, or complete our online form to get started right away!