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Mold Remediation in Olympia WA

Welcome to Green Home Solutions! Our mold remediation and indoor air quality services provide home and business owners in the Olympia area with effective, all natural solutions to mold, odor, and poor indoor air quality concerns. At Green Home Solutions, we make air better!

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Living in the Pacific Northwest, with its lush evergreen trees and constant drizzling rain, it’s hard to imagine that the air is anything but clean and fresh. Unfortunately, there are all kinds of impurities that may be floating around, plus natural allergens like pollen that can cause real problems for allergy-sufferers. At Green Home Solutions, our goal is to help our customers in Olympia breathe cleaner, healthier air. We achieve this with our mold remediation and other indoor air quality services.

Responsible Mold Remediation at a Reasonable Price 

When you live somewhere as naturally beautiful as the Puget Sound, it doesn’t take a lot of convincing to want to protect our environment and the planet. However, choosing the eco-friendly route usually comes with some kind of sacrifice, like a lower-quality service or a higher price. At Green Home Solutions, we care deeply about our planet, but we also care about our customers’ health, comfort, and budget. With our responsible mold remediation, you’ll receive the highest standard of service without emptying your wallet or adding more toxins to the air we all breathe. 

Environmentally responsible mold treatment starts with the products we use. Instead of the chemical solutions used in more traditional methods, the representatives from our office in Olympia use an organic solution that is registered with the EPA for our mold remediation service. This product is gentle enough to use on delicate surfaces without risk of damage and contains a combination of plant enzymes designed to naturally break down the harmful compounds in mold.

Before we begin treatment, our representatives will come to your property and inspect the areas where you’ve found mold or think it may be present. Once we check the mold and track down the source, we’ll share our findings with you. We can also run an air quality test for more details. Based on all these findings, we’ll provide a quote for mold remediation services.

Schedule Mold Treatment in Olympia

Are you ready to take action against the mold in your home? Call Green Home Solutions at (360) 334-9333 now to arrange mold remediation and find out about our other air quality solutions in Olympia.

Note: Our mold remediation services follow the guidelines and directions of the products we use and the various industry organizations to which we subscribe. Any claims of “removal” should not be considered a commitment or agreement of any kind.


Indoor Air Quality Solutions: How Mold Affects Us

Mold is one word homeowners never want to hear. From nasal congestion to coughing to skin irritation, the effects of mold can be problematic, especially for young children, the elderly, and those with breathing concerns. At Green Home Solutions, we provide indoor air quality solutions that clean the air you breathe and make your home safe. For indoor air quality solutions, Green Home Solutions is the natural choice. Our mold removal, indoor air quality, and odor removal solutions create a healthy indoor air environment, so your family can breathe cleaner, purer air. We use only EPA registered products that are perfectly safe, when used as directed, for every member of your family including your pets. Learn more about our indoor air quality solutions.