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About Mold Remediation in Corona

  • Date: 06-2020

If mold keeps surfacing in your home or building, it’s time to consider fast-acting mold remediation in Corona. At Green Home Solutions, we offer powerful and professional remediation that can identify, contain, and treat the full extent of mold growth. We also investigate the source of mold, so that effective mold prevention can occur. We offer lasting peace of mind for homeowners and property managers in the area.

When mold crops up indoors, there’s an underlying reason. Mold doesn’t survive unless it has enough moisture and air to survive off of, so effective treatment means finding and addressing any moisture or air sources it’s relying on. Your Green Home Solutions representative will provide support at every stage of remediation, so that you know exactly what’s occurring and how we’re delivering targeted and precise treatment.   

Choosing Our Mold Remediation in Corona 

With Green Home Solutions, you’ll always get the benefit of mold remediation experts in Corona. Our team is well-versed in mold and mold control, and only work with treatment methods that follow EPA and ANSI/IICRC guidelines. For businesses, hospitals, and other buildings, we’re fluent in OSHA, AORN, and other crucial standards, making sure that you can always get trusted remediation from our team. 

We take a rigorous approach to finding and addressing mold growth, using powerful detection equipment and even lab testing in cases where more analysis is needed. These early detection measures don’t just allow us to administer fast and high-powered remediation. They also give you a clear sense of how far mold has invaded indoor areas, and what level of remediation is necessary to properly address it. 

Green Home Solutions offers remediation at a significantly less cost than conventional treatment, while still maintaining maximum impact. In fact, we can help you get third-party verification of any treatment’s success, once remediation has been fully completed. 

How Our Local Experts at Green Home Solutions Prioritizes Your Health 

Mold has many documented effects on the health and well-being of anyone in your home. At Green Home Solutions, we tackle mold’s health effects head-on, using powerful remediation sprays that break down the harmful proteins in mold spores and mold growth. These proteins are what trigger asthma and other respiratory conditions, so treating them means leaving your home more breathable for those who live in it. 

Our powerful mold remediation is available everywhere in the areas of: 

Mold remediation is rapid and responsive with Green Home Solutions. To learn more about scheduling treatment in or around Corona, call Green Home Solutions at (844) 700-6653.