Mold Testing & Inspection in Corona

Think you might have mold growth in your home or office? Green Home Solutions provides state-of-the-art mold testing and robust remediation services to homes, businesses, and commercial properties in throughout the Corona area.

Closely following the guidelines of the Indoor Environmental Standards Organization, our mold inspections look for mold spores, mold colonies, and any excess moisture buildup inside your house or building.

Why Mold Testing & Inspection

Why is it so important for homeowners in Corona to get mold testing? Mold growth isn’t always noticeable by sight or smell, especially when mold gets beneath the surfaces of your floors, walls, and ceilings.

With detailed mold inspections from Green Home Solutions, we won’t just conclusively verify the presence of mold. We’ll also map where it is in your home, so you know the extent of any mold problems you have. 

At Green Home Solutions, our mold testing in Corona also detects excess moisture or water intrusion. Mold is typically caused when water builds up in your home. That means locating and treating excess moisture is essential for lasting mold prevention.

About Our Mold Testing & Inspection

With our mold testing services, Green Home Solutions help our clients in Corona, Brea, Temecula, Murietta, and Yorba Linda to find mold and take immediate next steps. We use cutting-edge infrared inspection technology to look for visible mold as well as mold concealed beneath floors and other interior surfaces. Our representatives may even take air and surface samples for lab testing, so we can provide detailed inspection reports and concrete next steps.  

We suggest getting mold inspections before and after any treatment of mold takes place. Prior to mold remediation, testing will help us to develop rapid-response strategies to deal with moisture and mold. After mold remediation is completed, we use mold testing to definitively confirm that all treatments were a success.

Positive Mold Test? Here’s What to Expect

mold testing in Corona

If we find mold in your home, what happens next? At Green Home Solutions, we know that fast, extremely targeted mold remediation is essential to containing and preventing further spread.

In addition to our thorough mold testing services in Corona, we deliver powerful mold remediation services to quickly abate mold. Successful treatments can be completed as quickly as within 2 days, so you’ll be able to use affected areas of your home or office in no time.

Take care of any mold growth, with help from Green Home Solutions. To schedule your own affordable, detailed mold testing in Corona, call (844) 700-6653 and speak to one of our team today.

Green Home Solutions vs. Competitor

Green Home Solutions Competitor
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Contains plant based enzymes.
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Most are synthetic chemicals.
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Catalytic, keeps on working.
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Very reactive. Energy used up instantly.
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Breaks down allergenic proteins in spores.
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Fine spray application reaches everywhere.
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Helps prevent growth.
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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

Our EPA registered product is made using plant-based ingredients and kills mold and its suspected harmful effects.



Often, there is no need for expensive demolition, so we are usually 50-75% less costly than our competitors.



We complete the process quickly — on average in 2-5 days.



Our products create a clean indoor environment by cleaning and killing airborne impurities — wherever they may hide.