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About Mold Remediation in Westchester

  • Date: 05-2020

When mold crops up indoors, getting professional and trusted mold remediation can save you from plenty of stress further down the line. With Green Home Solutions in Westchester, you’ll get remediation that’s rapid-response and highly precise, locking down any affected areas and treating mold extensively. 

Our mold experts are well-versed with treating mold in local houses, apartment buildings, offices, hospitals, and industrial properties, and we bring that knowledge and expertise whenever we implement remediation. Treatment takes a few days to complete on average, with powerful and lasting results that you can count on.

Our Approach To Mold Remediation in Westchester

Because mold grows so quickly, fast-acting mold remediation can be crucial to mitigating any damage it causes. As an immediate measure, we can isolate any existing mold growth, so there’s less of a risk of cross-contamination with other parts of your indoors. We use air scrubbers, HEPA-filtered vacuums, negative air machines, and other expert methods to keep mold locked down. 

With Green Home Solutions, remediation relies on our extra-strength, EPA-certified treatment sprays, which has been scientifically proven to attack mold and mold spores. These products are proprietary to Green Home Solutions, which means you won’t get them with any other company in Westchester. 

Our treatment sprays are just one of the ways we limit the need for teardown, since they preserve surfaces where possible while breaking down any mold growth. In limiting any construction costs, we make sure that treatment is fast while still successful. We know our work delivers long-term results, giving homeowners and property managers enormous peace of mind. 

Green Home Solutions Preserves Green Spaces For Your Family

At Green Home Solutions, our representatives are based locally, right here in the county. It means we know how important it is to preserve parks, green spaces, and neighborhoods for your family. The EPA-certified sprays we use aren’t just highly effective, they’re also eco-friendly. We use them for mold remediation throughout: 

Our treatment products leave your air cleaner than when we started. These sprays break down bacteria and harmful microbes in your air, including mold particles. We help you achieve a healthy, mold-free indoors. 

Schedule mold remediation in Westchester or the surrounding area. To speak to the team at Green Home Solutions, call (914) 303-6565.