professional performing attic mold removal in Ossining

Attic Mold Removal in Ossining: 3 Reasons You Need It

  • Date: 09-2021

For many homeowners, the attic is an afterthought. Attic mold problems can feel like an afterthought, too. At Green Home Solutions, we administer fast and expert attic mold removal throughout Ossining and Westchester County. We’ve seen the effects caused by mold—and we know how important it is to treat this problem immediately. 

Anytime mold is in your home, professional treatment can be an important measure. But it’s especially crucial with your attic. Here are a few reasons why that’s true. 

Why It’s Important To Get Attic Mold Removal in Ossining 

Your attic may be incredibly vulnerable to mold, since it’s located right by the roof. Professional treatment can immediately curtail the effects of mold, stopping any spread and addressing mold thoroughly. Without it, it’s likely for mold to cause further, costly problems: 

  • Mold can increase your energy costs. When mold is present within an indoor environment, it always tries to spread. In the attic, one ideal place for mold to grow is within insulation. Even with non-organic insulation, such as fiberglass, it’s possible for mold to appear, since insulation often traps food matter for mold. It means your insulation can’t operate at its peak capacity, contributing to higher energy costs. 
  • Mold can lead to pest problems. When mold isn’t dealt with, it can directly or indirectly contribute to pest problems. For homes in Ossining, there are a number of reasons for this link: some pests feed on mold, while others feed on the decomposing material generated by mold. Environmental factors which contribute to mold can also attract pests. All of these reasons make attic mold removal more urgent. 
  • Mold can lower your property value. It doesn’t matter if you have no plans for selling your home: you probably don’t want your property value to decline. Unfortunately, the presence of mold can decrease your house’s value. That risk is more likely the longer mold has been present in your attic, since it’s more likely to affect subsurfaces and structural elements found here. 

Get Expert Mold Treatments With Green Home Solutions 

At Green Home Solutions, we understand how mold behaves and spreads. We take expert measures right away to isolate mold in your home, delivering rapid-response attic mold removal for houses in: 

  • Ossining
  • Chappaqua
  • Croton-on-Hudson
  • White Plains
  • Scarsdale
  • Mount Kisco
  • Bedford
  • Pleasantville
  • Westchester County
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Get expert attic mold removal with long-lasting impact. To schedule a treatment with Green Home Solutions in Ossining, call (914) 303-6565 today.